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At AnJ Plumbing we know that plumbing repairs or renovations can be costly so we offer our service area customers a free estimate to give you the most accurate plumbing price possible. We set up an appointment with you, come in and assess the plumbing problem, calculate costs based on several factors including the tools necessary for the job, the time it will take to complete it, the parts that are necessary and the complexity of the job. When it comes to the final price, we are happy to say that the majority of the time our customers find that the cost is exactly the one given in the plumbing estimates.


Often times people wonder why plumbing estimates cannot be given over the phone assuming the plumbers in Los Angeles are trying to scam clients for their money. Just as a doctor cannot determine the cost before checking your health, a plumber cannot offer a price over the phone for plumbing estimates until he is sure of what needs to be done. Sure, anyone could throw out a low plumbing estimate over the phone but once they see the job at hand, it may turn out that the plumbing estimate was completely off and the customer will end up paying more than they expected.

Don’t risk paying more, give us a call and we will come do a free plumbing estimate where we can tell you what the plumbing problem is. Once we have a written summary of the plumbing issue you decide whether you want to move ahead with repairs. Read some of our reviews, we are sure you will not regret giving us a call.



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