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Gas Leaks

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AnJ Plumbing Knows how to Prevent Gas Leaks

A gas leak is an extremely serious issue that should never be ignored. A gas leak, if ignored, can be dangerous and in extreme cases, may lead to an explosion. As soon as you suspect a gas leak, you should call on our expert technicians at AnJ Plumbing in the San Fernando Valley and its surrounding areas, who are available round the clock to deal with any kind of plumbing emergency you may have, including critical ones like gas leaks.

As soon as you contact us about your gas leak issues, we will dispatch a qualified and trained technician to your residence or commercial establishment to inspect and investigate the matter. We are available 24 hours, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. So now matter when you gas leak issue arises, you can count on us to bail you out.

Why it is Important to Deal with Gas Leaks Immediately

Most appliances and natural gas facilities are designed to be reliable and safe. However, leaks are still likely to occur, even with the best, well-managed products. If neglected, carbon monoxide leaks may lead to death.

If you think that you may have a gas leak problem in your residence or commercial establishment, the first thing you should do is turn off the gas lever at the mains, open out all doors and windows and avoid operating any electrical switches. Leave your home immediately and call AnJ Plumbing at (818) 833-5649 so that we can dispatch a technician to take care of the problem.

It is a difficult and arduous process to locate a gas leak in the first place, and this almost always needs the skill of an experienced plumber. There are times that there may be more than just one gas leak. Never compromise on your safety and always make sure you have a team of skilled professionals like AnJ Plumbing to help you.

AnJ Plumbing Offers a Variety of Services

Besides effectively handling all gas leak issues, AnJ Plumbing offers a variety of plumbing-focused services and home inspections in in the San Fernando valley and the surrounding areas of Encino, West Hills, Sherman Oaks, Tarzana, Calabasas, Woodland Hills, West Hills, Westwood, Studio City and Burbank, to name a few.

Some of our services include copper re-piping, drain cleaning, water heaters, leak detection, repair and replacement of faucets, trench-less sewer replacement, sewer maintenance, slab leaks, hydro jetting, drain and sewer repair, installation of new fixtures, garbage disposals, video camera inspection , floor area and drain maintenance, earthquake gas seismic shutoffs, and more.If you smell gas you must act immediately. Don’t take a chance!Turn off the gas lever at the mains, which is next to the gas meter, by pulling the lever down.Don’t operate electrical switches – on or off.  A spark could cause an explosion.Open all windows and doors.Do not light any matches, cigarettes or create any source of ignition.Avoid rooms with a strong smell of gas if possible as you may be overpowered.Leave your home and use a nearby phone to contact us at any time of day or night. Dial (818) 833-5649 to have a technician properly handle the situation.

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